Zuplex manufactures standardised active extracts targeted at the international cosmetics sector. Our new products undergo independent efficacy testing in Europe, and are also supported by comprehensive dossiers, as required by our customers.

The African botanicals used in our extracts have a long history of traditional use in South Africa.

Our extracts are Cosmos approved and Halaal certified.


An extract of Kigelia africana fruit targeting skin firmness and elasticity.

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An extract of Athrixia phylicoides with remarkable clinically proven impact on skin smoothness and the enhancement of skin firmness and elasticity. 

Atriclear was shortlisted for the Global Green Award for new ingredients at In Cosmetics 2018.

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An extract of Moringa oleifera leaf with a direct effect on skin barrier repair, the minimising of dry and scaly skin cells and blue light pollution

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An extract of Myrothamnus flabellifolius, the Resurrection Plant, aimed at rapid skin hydration.

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An extract of Devil’s Claw (Harpagophytum procumbens) for inflammation, redness and promoting skin calming.

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Derived from the pulp of the baobab fruit, this extract has pronounced anti-oxidant properties while the complex set of additional nutrients promotes rapid and sustained cell regeneration. Used for millennia to recharge and revive.

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For ideas on potential product applications please view attached PDF.


We also research and trade in a wide range of botanical raw materials from all over Africa of interest to the flavour, fragrance, complementary health and nutrition sectors. View PDF for full botanical list

Our production facility is FSSC22000 certified.