Zuplex partners with Muthi Futhi, an award-winning community business and a major shareholder in Zuplex. Muthi Futhi not only cultivates and processes medicinal plants, it also works with other community groups on the sustainable harvesting of botanicals such as the fruit of Kigelia africana. Muthi Futhi is both a major shareholder in Zuplex, and a preferred supplier of botanical raw materials.

This partnership means that the rural community of Dakeni, deep in the province of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, benefits directly as Zuplex grows. This in turn leads to the creation of more jobs for women in the community, and to reinvestment in other social and environmental initiatives that benefit the whole community.

The partnership with Muthi Futhi has contributed to Zuplex receiving funding support from the Industrial Development Corporation Social Enterprise Fund. View PDF.

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